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Ladies, join us for a time of biblical teaching & workouts! These online two hour events will include a Q & A, time for reflection and prayer, fun workouts of different styles, and bible teaching around the theme of each event. I'll also share a little of my testimony and more about the book!

Now is the time to restrengthen and renew those areas in your life where you have grown weary, lost motivation, or need a boost. It's time to create or even recreate healthy habits in the areas of mind, body, and spirit leading to the growth of the best version of yourself. It's time to set goals and be inspired to dream again. With a team of women passionate about helping you become the strongest version of yourself, you will learn tangible things to take into your daily life that will stretch you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Come sweat, pray, breathe, and learn with us!


Laureen Alexa

Author/ Speaker/ Event Host

Laureen is a published author, has a background in Fitness, acting, and entertainment, and has a passion for sharing the gospel.


Her new book: Festival in the Desert shares her personal story of suffering/hardship and how God carried her through that season, refined her, and brought healing. It's interactive style of prompts along with interwoven biblical stories and scriptures will help anyone who is in a season of suffering encounter God and walk out healing with Him.


Previously, she worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years as a Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, making the transition from the acting world after feeling called by God to help women become strong and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


Whether it's through writing, teaching, or training, her heart is to help others become the best and healthiest versions of themselves


Caren Elle

MUA/ Personal Trainer/ Founder "Eye Am"

Caren Elle is a Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Zumba instructor and entrepreneur with a business in the works called Eye Am.


After nearly 2 decades of health problems mainly surrounding her allergies and digestion, she’s become passionate about counseling others through their health journey for all facets of their life. Her heart is helping women discover their identity and beauty in Christ, walk out healing, and optimizing their bodies through the different phases of their monthly cycle.


An overall wellness and vitality enthusiast with a passion for biohacking especially since turning 40, Caren is the queen of tips on a variety of topics from food, fitness, supplements, and recovery. But she’s most excited about sharing her story of how she found her “favorite anti-aging beauty secret” that’s not found in stores!

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Dalia Loc

Holistic Health Nutritionist/Practictioner

Dalia is a holistic health nutritionist/practitioner. For most of her life she ate whatever she wanted until she turned 30. She began to workout consistently and eat better and healthier so she could keep her metabolism going strong.


Eventually, after continually reading and doing research in regards to health, wellness, and nutrition for her own benefit, she began to teach others about what it means to be a healthy individual. Now, she helps women over 30 boost their metabolism through holistic living and nutrition to create a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Kyra Gold

Pastor's Wife/ CoPastor of For the PĒØPŁËŠ Church/Nutritionist...etc

Kyra is a multifaceted leader with prolific levels of expertise and anointing. What she leads and puts her heart to, exudes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The way she loves PĒØPŁËŠ is infectious and lights up any room she is in. Her constant fight for the lives of God’s children and the lost, keenly administers the Gospel to the current condition of an individual’s soul. She has a deep passion to train women in the Word spurring them on to embody what it means to be Warriors With alongside God fearing Ordinary Men. 


She is married to Pastor Travis Gold, Senior Pastor of FTPC and they are both passionate about the local church engaging the communities that God has collectively entrusted to their care, working collaboratively with the entire Bride to strengthen the Global Church’s reach in the Great Commission.


They are committed to serving PĒØPŁËŠ for the sake of God’s Name, connecting them to Jesus through His Bride, the Church. They believe that it is by and through the Body of Christ, that the Holy Spirit unites us both to Jesus and to each other as a reconciled PĒØPŁËŠ, restored to Him. 


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